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Holiday Time Water Damages

It is safe to say that the vast majority of people love the holiday time. It is a time to be with the people we love, enjoying each other's presence, but it is ... READ MORE

College Apartment Water Leak

College living has never been ideal, but these living situations were even lesser when a pipe burst and flood the entire building in Brockport, NY. Rather than ... READ MORE

Biohazard Water Mitigation

When drains get clogged or rupture, they often cause damages in need of emergency water mitigation repairs and generally it involves some type of contaminated w... READ MORE

Living Room Repair Post House Fire

Unfortunately, depending on the home fire and its severity, some damages take more time to resolve than others. This can be incredibly stressful, but SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Water Damages in Electronic Section of Store

Water and electronics do not mix and that is why this company contacted SERVPRO of SW Monroe County to come resolve this water loss as in a quick and efficient ... READ MORE

Post Storm Structural Deficits

During the winter, ice builds up and wells on rooftops to create ice dams. An ice dam will wear away at the roof or structural deficits to leak into a home, oft... READ MORE

Storm Cause not only Roof Damage, but Internal Damages

During a storm, the first thought of damages emphasize roof and structural damages, but what happens when a roof leaks through to the walls of a house? Ice, sno... READ MORE

Damages Hide Behind Walls

Mold is a living organism and in all honesty, it can be quite tricky to find or treat. For example, pictured above is a colony of mold that not only grew visibl... READ MORE

Mold in a Child's Closet

While the scientific study on the detrimental health effects of mold is underway, there are many anecdotes of how mold has negatively impacted the lives of many... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Walls Repainted

When disaster strikes, like a home fire, the aftermath often follows a domino effect pattern, meaning that the major problem (fire) causes many more problems. T... READ MORE