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College Apartment Water Leak

College living has never been ideal, but these living situations were even lesser when a pipe burst and flood the entire building in Brockport, NY. Rather than ... READ MORE

Water Damages in Electronic Section of Store

Water and electronics do not mix and that is why this company contacted SERVPRO of SW Monroe County to come resolve this water loss as in a quick and efficient ... READ MORE

Caved Roof in a Historical Site in Geneseo

These damages occurred in Geneseo, NY and were the result of the ceiling collapsing due to water damages. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County operates in a range of dif... READ MORE

Local Apartment Complex Pipe Burst

This apartment complex in western Monroe County suffered water damage on a massive scale. The entire hallway flooded and it even affected each individual apartm... READ MORE

Local Company Suffers Water Loss in the Power Room

Water damages around power boxes are very dangerous and this company in Pittsford, NY made the right choice contacting a mitigation specialist. SERVPRO of SW Mo... READ MORE

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

This commercial cleaning happened in Rochester, NY about a year ago. Cleaning air ducts is imperative to preventing mold growth in any residential or commercial... READ MORE