Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Living Room Repair Post House Fire

Unfortunately, depending on the home fire and its severity, some damages take more time to resolve than others. This can be incredibly stressful, but SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Walls Repainted

When disaster strikes, like a home fire, the aftermath often follows a domino effect pattern, meaning that the major problem (fire) causes many more problems. T... READ MORE

Home Remodel Post Devastating Fire

This Rochester home was engulfed in flames and unsuitable for living after the fire. In situations like this, homeowners are devastated and unsure of how to pro... READ MORE

Oven Fire Wreaks Havoc

Humans are inherently forgetful, especially this day-in-age when we are all running around like crazy and juggling lots of miscellaneous tasks. Challenges seem ... READ MORE

Severe Home Fire

This beautiful Rochester home suffered from a tragic fire that left the house severely damaged. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County was called in to salvage furniture a... READ MORE

Beautiful Bedroom Remodeling

This fire in Rochester, NY essentially ruined this person's bedroom. While the fire started in the kitchen, you can see that the smoke damaged this person's wal... READ MORE

Remodeled Kitchen after a House Fire

In the basement was the laundry room, in the laundry room was the culprit of the fire. A DRYER! This fire happened late one night, thankfully the family got out... READ MORE