Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Post Storm Structural Deficits

During the winter, ice builds up and wells on rooftops to create ice dams. An ice dam will wear away at the roof or structural deficits to leak into a home, oft... READ MORE

Storm Cause not only Roof Damage, but Internal Damages

During a storm, the first thought of damages emphasize roof and structural damages, but what happens when a roof leaks through to the walls of a house? Ice, sno... READ MORE

Storm Rips Through Local Homes Roof

Pictured here is the aftermath of a storm that hit Hilton, NY this year. The storm was so strong and powerful that it blew a tree limb into the ceiling of the d... READ MORE

Roof Caves in During Storm

These homeowners suffered a severe loss when a wind storm knocked a dead tree limb into their roof. It caused the roof and the insulation to cave in on the furn... READ MORE

Winter Storm Aftermath

Winter storms are just as brutal if not more than wind storms. Pictured here is a collapsed tree that damaged the exterior of this home in Rush, NY. Winter stor... READ MORE

Roof Tarping After Recent Windstorm

It seems that Rochester cannot catch a break this summer in the midst of the windstorms, floods, and tornado warnings! For example, this home in Chili, NY this ... READ MORE