Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Damages Hide Behind Walls

Mold is a living organism and in all honesty, it can be quite tricky to find or treat. For example, pictured above is a colony of mold that not only grew visibl... READ MORE

Mold in a Child's Closet

While the scientific study on the detrimental health effects of mold is underway, there are many anecdotes of how mold has negatively impacted the lives of many... READ MORE

Mold Colony by Power Box

This basement in Gates, NY grew a hearty patch of mold near their cable boxes, an area that shouldn't really be tinkered around with. They made the right choice... READ MORE

Mold Hidden in a Basement

Mold remediation can be tricky since mold commonly grows in places that people don't use to often, i.e. the basement or attic. These homeowners in Chili found t... READ MORE

Overnight Mold Growth

This Gates, NY homeowner found out that mold springs up over night! Once mold spores start to colonize, it grows at an exponential rate and causes typical aller... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Basement Job

The wall in this basement located in Rochester, NY was completely covered in mold before SERVPRO of SW Monroe County was employed. Basements are breeding ground... READ MORE