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Sprinkler System Water Damages

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Sprinkler System Water Damages This is an apartment that caught on fire. As you can see, the sprinkler went off and soaked through the carpet to the floor.

A fire in a commercial business or a property managed real estate complex can be devastating, but when you add in the additional damages from the sprinkler systems kicking on, the commercial damages are enormous. Businesses and apartment complexes cannot afford to close for a day; it affects the lives of many different individuals. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County offers 24/7 commercial damage services to get commercial businesses back on their feet in as little time as possible.

Using SERVPRO of SW Monroe County’s commercial services is like a one stop shop. Continuing with the example, if a fire burns through a commercial business and the sprinkler system turns on, there are going to be both fire and water damages. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County’s commercial services are an umbrella term that extends our normal services into a commercial setting. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is able to simultaneously treat fire and water damages. Our commercial services reduce the cost that businesses pay because they do not need to look for multiple companies. The other additional benefit to SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is that they are essentially a liaison between insurance companies and clients.

Unfortunately, disasters are not preventable, but companies like SERVPRO of SW Monroe County are there to make it “like it never even happened” with their residential and commercial services. For questions regarding SERVPRO of SW Monroe County’s commercial services, contact the office at (585) 247-9090, visit the website, or message them on Facebook!

Holiday Lights

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Holiday Lights This living room suffered fire damages after the tree decorations caught on fire being so close to the heater.

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit than seeing houses decorated in holiday lights. Unfortunately, nothing puts a damper on the holiday spirit quite like residential or commercial fire and fire damages. Holiday lights are super festive and really help boost the holiday cheer, but when decorating for the holidays, there are a few important reminders to help prevent fire damages.

When placing holiday lights on your property, always remember to check the lights and make sure the cords are not frayed, nor are the light bulbs damaged. Also remember that when you are leaving your property or going to sleep, to turn off the holiday lights. In the tragic event that a fire starts and you are gone or asleep, the fire has a chance to start raging and cause massive amounts of fire damage. Finally, if you are putting up a Christmas Tree, you should have the tree three feet from any heat source to help prevent a fire and fire damages.

SERVPRO of SW Monroe County would like to wish everyone a happy holidays and remind them that safety is vital to enjoying the holiday season. In the tragic event, that your property has a fire and fire damages, contact SERVPRO of SW Monroe County to have them help get you back on your feet so you can continue to enjoy your holiday seasons. For questions, please call the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or find them on Facebook!

Ozone Deodorizer

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Ozone Deodorizer This is the office of a local news station. An ozone deodorizer was used here to remove the smell after an office fire.

Unfortunately, fires in a commercial property are just as likely as a residential property. Commercial damages put companies and landlords in a precarious position where they must halt day-to-day operations. What’s worse is the additional smoke damages and the smell of smoke clinging to furniture, walls, and other objects. Luckily, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County has a solution to combat the resilience of smoke smells. Through the use of ozone, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is able to offer top-notch commercial damage services to make that fire “Like it never even happened.”

Ozone consists of three oxygen molecules bound together and is an extremely reactive agent that clings to the molecules causing unpleasant smoke odors. The ozone is very quick to bind to the molecules that create offensive odors. Ozone is also very effective at removing other unpleasant odors such a skunk or mold. In additional to deodorization services, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County commercial damage services extend to repairing whatever is causing the unpleasant odors. These commercial damages can range from water and mold damages to fire damages.

If your company or property is in need of deodorization and commercial damages services, you can count of SERVPRO of SW Monroe County to be there for you. They have state-of-the-art cleaning techniques that make any commercial damages “like it never even happened.” For questions, contact the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or find them on Facebook!

Dryer Vent Dangers

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dryer Vent Dangers This laundry room was a fire hazard that SERVPRO of SW Monroe County packed out.

Residential fires have the potential to displace whole families and cause insurmountable fire damages to residential properties. The common association with home fires are rooted in the kitchen, but did you know that according to FEMA, 34% of residential fires and fire damages are caused by dryers? Lint is quite flammable and is a hazard, so SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is here to help give dryer maintenance tips to help prevent fire damages.

First and foremost, is the lint trap, the most probable cause of starting a home fire and causing fire damages. The lint trap should be cleaned after each load of laundry because the chances of a home fire are increased each time the lint trap is not cleaned. Second is to make sure that the outdoor vent flap is not obstructed. Snow, bird’s nest, and bee hives are potential obstructions that can cause a fire and fire damages. Finally, always make sure that a dryer is installed properly. Kinks in the electrical cords or vent pipelines increase the possibility of a fire.

The same fire damage prevention tips are just as important for commercial laundromats or property managed locations with laundry facilities on site. If any commercial or residential fire damages occur, reach out to SERVPRO of SW Monroe County. You can rely on them to make it “Like it never even happened.” For questions, please call the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or find them on Facebook!

Sump Pump Failures

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Sump Pump Failures This sump pump is one of many that SERVPRO of SW Monroe County has seen malfunction.

The most common cause of water damages to your home are when your sump pump fails to operate. Many are not sure how a sump pump works to prevent water damages and so SERVPRO of SW Monroe County would like to inform people of the science of sump pumps. Given this knowledge, the hope is that home-owners can also help to greatly reduce their risk of water damages.

The science behind a sump pump is that a hole is made at the deepest point in your home in which a sump pump is placed. As water fills the hole, rather than welling in your basement and causing water damage, the sump pump operates as a one way valve that filters water up and out of the home through a pipe. The pump operates on your home’s electrical current. When enough pressure accumulates, the sump pump turns on and a fan in the pump uses centrifugal force to push water to the outside where the pipe is located. Sump pumps are revolutionary as they greatly reduce water damages by forcing excess water to drain to storm drains or a dry well.

Unfortunately, while a sump pump reduces the risk of water damage, it does not eliminate the risk and water damages still occur. If you or anyone you know experience water damages, call an expert company like SERVPRO of SW Monroe County who specializes in mitigation and remediation services. They can be reached at (585) 247-9090, on their website, or on Facebook!

Sump Pump Malfunctions

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Sump Pump Malfunctions This sump pump ended up overflowing due to a power failure.

It is undeniable that water damages are most likely to occur due to a sump pump failure. Since there are numerous reasons why a sump pump may fail to work as it should, there are many things to remain vigilant about when checking the sump pump. Luckily, the silver lining is that knowing the potential risks that might cause a  sump pump to  malfunction so you can check it and potentially prevent future water damages.

The seven most common sump pump failures are solutions are as follows:

  • The most common dilemma that is likely to cause a sump pump failure and water damage is a power failure. It is recommended that a manual backup generator is kept on hand in order to prevent your sump pump from losing power.
  • Perhaps the sump pump is the wrong size. When buying a sump pump, measure the space first and remember that small sump pumps are generally as effective as large sump pumps in regards to the space available.
  • Improper installation of a sump is likely to cause an overflow and cause water damages. Follow all instructions included when installing the sump pump and if you are unable to do it yourself, hire a professional.
  • Less likely to happen, there may be an issue with the switch shifting from its position inside the basin which causes the float that monitors pressure to be ineffective. Check your sump pump before a storm to make sure the switch is correct and to help prevent water damages.
  • People forget that a sump pump requires maintenance so set reminders to check the sump pump as often as the manufacturers recommend.
  • A frozen or clogged discharge line is likely to cause a flood and cause water damages. Make sure the exit point of the water is unobstructed for best results.
  • The least likely malfunction is that the sump pump is defective. Always run a test when first installing the sump pump to make sure it is operable.

While a sump pump is fantastic at preventing water damages, it’s sometimes the root of the cause of water damages. In the event that you suffer water damage, companies like SERVPRO of SW Monroe County specialize in mitigation and remediation to remedy these unfortunate circumstances. For questions, call the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or like them on Facebook!

Mold During Home Construction

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold During Home Construction During home construction and repairs, water moisture can collect in the air and help mold grow.

When homes are being constructed, there are a series of steps that must be followed including the frame being put up, but what happens when the weather does not cooperate and coincide with the roof being put in following the frame? If the water hasn’t dried, it is likely that mold will grow and the unfinished home may need mold remediation services. Moisture on site is inevitable and moisture is the upmost important factor for mold. Here are a few ideas to help prevent the need for future mold remediation services:

  • Closely Inspect Material Shipments: While your home may be constructed in a dry climate, it is important to insure that there is no moisture in the packing of the materials being used to build your home.
  • Review Storage Packages: If you are keeping items used for building in an unfinished home, make sure to keep items a few feet off the ground and if the roof is up yet, use tarps to prevent the rain from getting on your supplies and then having to use mold remediation services on the supplies.
  • Use Trusses: While they may be more expensive upfront, trusses allow builders to do their job much more quickly, giving them the opportunity to close up before any rain or any mold damages requiring mold remediation.
  • Wait to Close the Home In: In the event that there is rain during construction, give the unfinished home a few days of dry weather to help dry up and rain that permeated into the home. Worst case scenario, hire a mold expert for mold remediation services.

Building a home is stressful as it is, but when you add in additional dilemmas, like the need for mold remediation services, the job seems impossible. If you are in need of mold remediation services, consider SERVPRO of SW Monroe County, whose teams are rigorously trained to deal with mold and other damages. For questions, contact the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook!

Mold Inspections

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Inspections This device allows the technicians at SERVPRO of SW Monroe County detect moisture behind walls.

We all have our dream homes, but along the way, the average home-owner is likely to own three homes in their lifetime. That means that eventually, most can expect to sell their home twice, which requires multiple home inspections. Unfortunately, not all homes pass the mold inspection portion and require mold remediation services. In the event that you home requires mold remediation; the simple answer is to hire an expert mold remediation company like SERVPRO of SW Monroe County.

Potential home buyers are not likely going to present an acceptable offer for your home if it requires mold remediation services, or they may pick an option that requires you to pay a ton out of pocket for mold remediation. Rather than ignore mold growth, it is much easier and cheaper to resolve the issue before a potential home buyer makes an offer contingent on the mold remediation. It is also cheaper to be proactive with mold remediation so you only need one home inspection before you sell your home.

Due to molds exponential growth factor, it is always best to take care of mold as soon as you find out about it. Mold remediation services are a proactive measure to help make your home presentable for sale and will help your home pass its home inspection. For questions about SERVPRO of SW Monroe County’s mold remediation services, contact the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook!

When Lightning Strikes (Your Home)

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Lightning Strikes (Your Home) Lots of metal apparatuses that can be found on your roof! Always be sure to play on the safer sides of things during a storm.

Watching a lightning storm may leave you awestruck by its natural beauty but the reality is that lightning is a natural force not to be reckoned with. With some bolts reaching temperatures hotter than the sun’s surface with voltage more than 100 million volts, lightning can cause major storm damages to your home. For that reason, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County would like to offer their advice on how to handle the situation of a home being struck with lightning and the possibility of potential storm damages.

During a lightning storm, move away from the doors and windows and if you believe your home has been struck, always proceed with caution. The extent of storm damages from lightning range from power surges to home fires. If the home is struck with lightning, make sure everyone in your home is safe. Professionals recommend calling the fire department to have someone clear the house and make sure it is in fact safe and that the lightning caused no severe storm damage. After the storm passes, call an electrician to check the wiring of the house and make sure the storm damages did not affect your home’s electrical wiring.

Storms can be beautiful especially when watching from a distance, but having a storm centered around your home is terrifying for the fear of storm damages. While your home is the safest place to be during a storm, you also don’t want anything to happen to your home. In the event, your home suffers storm damages after a lightning storm, or any storm, trust a company like SERVPRO of SW Monroe County to repair said damages. They offer 24/7 services which are incredibly beneficial in these situations. For information, call the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or send them a message on Facebook!

Power Outage Tips to Minimize Storm Damages

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Power Outage Tips to Minimize Storm Damages Storms are unpredictable. You never know the types of damage that the storm will cause if any!

There is a notion in Rochester that you could easily experience all four seasons in a matter of one day, the good, the bad, the ugly; the sun, the wind, the rain, the snow, and lightning. So what happens when a notorious Rochester storm knocks out the power and causes storm damage? Well, SERVPRO of SW Monroe County would like to offer some tips to help reduce losses and storm damages.

If you are expecting a storm of any variety, it is a great idea to stock up on non-perishables, batteries, and have a full tank of gas in your car. During a power outage, you should have plenty of flash lights to light the way, perhaps even a generator to help regain some electricity. Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed at all times to minimize the amount of cold air released. If it is too hot or too cold, it is recommended that you leave your home with appliances unplugged to minimize the risk of a surge causing storm damages in any form. Also, never attempt to fix storm damages during the storm. It is always better to play safe in a storm than risk your own well-being.

In an area where weather seems so volatile, it is important to stay up-to-date on safety tips regarding storms and knowing how to fix any storm damages. That is why SERVPRO of SW Monroe County is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers all the while making sure it’s community is equipped with knowledge to be safe in a storm. For questions regarding storm damage mitigation, please call the office at (585) 247-9090, visit their website, or send them a message on Facebook!