Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Rips Through Local Homes Roof

Pictured here is the aftermath of a storm that hit Hilton, NY this year. The storm was so strong and powerful that it blew a tree limb into the ceiling of the d... READ MORE

Caved Roof in a Historical Site in Geneseo

These damages occurred in Geneseo, NY and were the result of the ceiling collapsing due to water damages. SERVPRO of SW Monroe County operates in a range of dif... READ MORE

Oven Fire Wreaks Havoc

Humans are inherently forgetful, especially this day-in-age when we are all running around like crazy and juggling lots of miscellaneous tasks. Challenges seem ... READ MORE

Roof Caves in During Storm

These homeowners suffered a severe loss when a wind storm knocked a dead tree limb into their roof. It caused the roof and the insulation to cave in on the furn... READ MORE

Local Apartment Complex Pipe Burst

This apartment complex in western Monroe County suffered water damage on a massive scale. The entire hallway flooded and it even affected each individual apartm... READ MORE

Flooded Finished Basement

This beautiful finished basement in Webster, New York suffered a serious water loss when one of the pipes in the basement burst. Overnight, the carpet and the c... READ MORE

Overnight Mold Growth

This Gates, NY homeowner found out that mold springs up over night! Once mold spores start to colonize, it grows at an exponential rate and causes typical aller... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen in Brockport NY

This flooded kitchen was the result of a cracked toilet in the 2nd floor bathroom. The kitchen was not the only room affected by this flood, the entire house su... READ MORE

Remodeled Kitchen after a House Fire

In the basement was the laundry room, in the laundry room was the culprit of the fire. A DRYER! This fire happened late one night, thankfully the family got out... READ MORE

Damaged Contents

When water damaged this home in Rochester, it didn't just affect the structure, it also damaged a good amount of the customers personal belonging. Our team was ... READ MORE